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We asked faculty to share little known facts about themselves, and we got some interesting answers.
See whether you can match the faculty member with the fact. Faculty members are (left to right) Linda Davis,
Peggy Nickerson, Jennifer Petterson, Joe Potter, Tom Schultz, Greg Smith, Betsy Tutt and Harriet Yelon.
Faculty reveal their ‘secrets’
4. There is a photograph of me in Murder Ink. I lived in Morocoo and took care the sheep and goats with a Moroccan
family. The experience landed me a research assistantship at MU. I worked as a governess in Rome, Italy, taking
care of two children while I was engaged to this nice Italian guy.
1. I was a synchronized swimmer at WWU (they had a team) when I was a child. 
3. I am a HUGE Star Trek fan. Captain Picard is my hero. I’ve seen every television episode both original and the
next generation series, and every movie. I own a phaser. I believe in the prime directive.
5. I worked extensively in Hollywood on all kinds of series television and feature movies as a technician. My credits
include “Star Trek: The Movie,” “Annie,” “Superman: The Movie,” “Beyond The Poseidon Adventure,” “1941,”
“Little House On The Prairie,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Rockford Files,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Dallas,” “Mash,”
“Charley’s Angels,” “Love Boat,” “Dukes Of Hazzard,” “Fantasy Island,” “The Waltons,” “Days Of Our Lives,” “Alice,”
“Welcome Back Kotter,” “General Hospital,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” “The Price Is Right,” “The Young And The
Restless,” “The Tonight Show,” “The Midnight Special,” “All In The Family,” and “Maude.”
6. I’ve had gigs playing drums in various rock bands since 1983, when I was 13. My interest in hitting instruments
with sticks first became apparent around the age of 3 or 4 when I brought small pieces of firewood inside my
grandma’s house and broke some of the keys on her piano while trying to play along with my uncle’s Alice
Cooper albums. Soon after, I got toy drums. I later bought my first real drum set--a vintage 1967 Ludwig 4-piece
which I still own and my son now plays--with paper route money when I was 12, I played in bands all the way
from high school through my doctorate, and I still do occasional bar gigs with my band back in Michigan during
the summer.
7. In college, I rowed four years on a women’s lightweight crew team. No one in the boat could weigh over 130 and
the boat average had to be 125. Before every meet, each women would stand on a scale in front of everyone! If
you were even 1/2 pound over, the whole shell of eight women and one cox (the one who steers the boat) could
not compete. Fortunately, that never happened to us, but we saw it several times.
2. I came in second in the South German pipe slow-smoking competition in 1984. One pipe, three grams of tobacco,
two matches, and only chance to light up. I smoked for 1 hour, 22 minutes, 35 seconds.
8. In college, in the 60s, I was a DJ for a “Rock and Soul” radio show…I was the “Rock” and my roommate (an African
American woman) was the “Soul”. We probably only had 10 listeners, but it sure was a lot of fun…