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Theatre students attend Festival
Eight William Woods University theatre students
attended the Kennedy Center American College Theatre
Festival (KCACTF) at Iowa State University in Ames,
Iowa, Jan. 16-22.
“The students did very well at the festival,” Melissa
Alpers-Springer, assistant professor, communication and
theatre, said. “It was really valuable for the students to
meet with fellow students and to get feedback from
professors from all the schools in the region.”
Attending were Rachel Petricka, Drew Arnett,
Jason Cavallone, Paige Runge, Ashleigh Emmons,
Sam Binkley,Dustin West and Kayla Pulliam.
“Most of them were competing in some kind of
competition—either directing a scene or acting for
scholarships,” Alpers-Springer said. “We went to
workshops, saw plays that other schools brought. We
really got to immerse ourselves in what other colleges
were doing. It’s really great to hang out with colleagues
and see if you’re up to par.”
Pulliam received a certificate of merit for directing
the Jesters production of “How I Learned to Drive,”
which was produced at WWU in September 2010.
The KCACTF adjudicators who saw the Jesters show
chose Petricka, Cavallone and Emmons to compete at
the festival for the Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions.
Their acting partners for the Ryan auditions were
Arnett, Runge and Binkley, respectively.
Cavallone and Emmons were cast in the 10-minute
play competition, working with student playwrights,
directors and stage managers. The play in which
Emmons acted won the competition.
West took part in the directing competition at the
festival. He was one of 12 chosen to bring a rehearsed
scene; his cast consisted of Petricka, Arnett and
Pulliam. West and his cast successfully made it past
the preliminary round to compete against another
undergraduate and four graduate directors.
“One of the highlights of the experience was taking
part in the judges’ responses to the final round scene
performances,” Alpers-Springer said. “The judges, who
are Broadway directors, worked with Petricka and
Pulliam, and gave helpful suggestions to West
and Arnett.”
Celebrating black history month
Eventually, the club hopes that Black
History Month will be every day and
students will stop focusing on their
differences and begin to see their many
similarities. It is their goal that citizens
of this country will no longer fall short
at tolerance, but strive for something
much more-- true appreciation.
Until then, the club will continue
hosting cultural events in hopes
that students will be educated and
motivated to change the world, one
dream at a time.
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History of the Black Jockey
12:10 p.m., Feb. 15, Library Auditorium
Movie: “Crash”
3 p.m., Feb. 17, Library Auditorium
Presentation: Why Can’t We All
Just Get Along
3:30 p.m., Feb. 22, Burton 100
Movie: “ATime to Kill”
4 p.m., Feb. 24, Library Auditorium