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WilliamWoods University
Volume 1,Issue 4
February 10, 2011
As she explains, people tend to only see differences
when there are often more similarities that can connect
people. If people are exposed to these similarities,
she feels that the world would be less disconnected
and students would feel more comfortable with many
different kinds of people.
For the club, Black History Month is not a time to get
a few extra LEAD points and watch some movies, but
a time for students to truly educate themselves on the
issues and become motivated to do something.
Carter explains, “every storm starts from one
raindrop” and each and every student’s voice and
opinion matters. One person can change the world.
They encourage students to not only get involved on
campus, but in the community. Carter lists activities,
such as youth groups and charities, as options.
“I encourage students to try to attend as many as
these cultural events as they can, even if it’s not for a
LEAD point. It’s for your own personal and educational
good,” said Carter.
By Dani Moritz
Each month Multicultural Affairs Club celebrates
a culture. Alongside the nation, this month they are
celebrating Black History Month.
The club, led by Tammy Carter, director of
multicultural affairs, and Jessica Bargate, a junior who is
club president, will host a number of events throughout
the month, including presentations, movies, exhibits
and more.
“I really want to raise awareness to the students that
hate crimes and discrimination is still alive and very
powerful,” said Carter.
However, she not only hopes to bring racial problems
to the forefront of student attention, but also problems
related with various other cultures, ethnicities
and lifestyles.
Bargate agrees. She says that the greatest message
students could take away from this month is “to be
willing to learn and to expose yourself to meeting
other people.”
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Every storm starts with one raindrop
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