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By Molly Dougherty
The business department at William Woods University has
come up with a way for students to earn their master of
business administration degree (MBA) in just one year after
completing their undergraduate degree.
This new program will meet the needs of business students
seeking to earn their master’s degree immediately after
graduation. The accelerated MBA curriculum will offer an
alternative to the current MBA offered by Graduate and
Professional Studies. That program is 18 months long and
offered only in the evening for working adults.
To be eligible for the new program, students will need to have
all their common studies courses and required number of
electives completed before their senior year to make room for
12 credit hours of electives that will count toward both their
undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Due to these requirements, the program is only open to
freshmen and sophomores, and to transfer students entering
William Woods with an associate's degree in business
administration. This year’s freshmen, sophomores and
transfer students will be the frst to be eligible for the program.
Dr. Sherry McCarthy, vice president and dean of academic
affairs, is convinced of the benefts of the MBA program.
“This program saves time and money, and it gets students to
their goal in a seamless, easy way by allowing business majors
to use their senior year to both fnish a bachelor’s degree and
start their MBA. It also gives students that edge they need
when entering the job market,” she said.
By Jason Rose
Clinics taught by three William Woods University alumni
will highlight the university’s annual Equestrian Academic
Showcase Nov. 6.
Mary Marcum Orr (pictured below)and Evan Orr, both 2001
graduates, will teach the saddle seat clinic, and 2002 graduate
Kris Killam will teach the hunter/jumper clinic.
The Orrs are the
trainers and
owners of High
Caliber Stables in
Kernersville, N.C.
High Caliber Stables
specializes in saddle
seat riding and is a
premier destination
for horseback riding
lessons and
Saddlebred Horse
Association (ASHA)
shows and events.
Starting their
stables in 2008, the
Orrs have trained
numerous World
Champion riders
and horses, including second-time World Grand Champion
and recent Triple Crown winner, WGC CH Our Charming
Lady. In addition to recently being awarded the People’s
Choice Reserve Trainers of the Year, High Caliber Stables
was awarded the High Point Performance Barn of the Year
by the American Saddlebred Association of the Carolinas.
Killam (pictured at right) is an established professional
rider, trainer and coach from
Omaha, Neb. In 1998, prior to
entering WWU, he qualifed for
the Midwest Regional Maclay
Finals. During his college years,
he rode for the notable Midwest
horseman Kenny Burgdorrfer.
Killam spent several years af-
ter college riding and training
with well-known and respect-
ed Canadians, Blair and Karen
Cudmore. He currently has his
own business, Dresden Farm.
Faster Way to Earn MBA
The Equestrian Academic Showcase is geared toward
prospective students who have expressed an interest in the
William Woods equestrian program. The showcase will
allow them to take a closer look at each specifc academic
area: equestrian science, equine administration and
pre-veterinary medicine.
Event activities include a campus tour, a formal
tour of equestrian facilities, a college planning ses-
sion that covers scholarships and fnancial aid and
an opportunity for students and families to meet
current students and faculty from these programs.
In addition to conducting the clinics, the Orrs and
Killam will address the question “Why WWU?”
The session will cover their lives as equine profes-
sionals and how their WWU education has helped
them reach the success each of them has achieved
within the industry today. The clinics are open to
the public.
Annual Equestrian
Academic Showcase