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By Molly Dougherty
A girl in my history class said it best: "Think
'Grease' meets ‘Twilight,’ and you’ve got the
general idea."
While there are no vampires (and, thankfully, no
Kristen Stewart) in “Zombie Prom,” some of the
main themes of “Grease” and “Twilight” are
undeniably present: good girl falls for bad boy, bad
boy happens to be undead and completely unable
to let go of his “undying” love for good girl, drama
ensues. And of course, it’s all set against the back-
ground of a great supporting cast and some really
catchy tunes.
Rachel Petricka lit up the stage as Toffee, a sweet
high school girl who falls in and out of love with
the rebellious Jonny. Her spectacular vocal
performance gave me goose bumps more
than once, and she was completely
convincing as the naïve do-gooder,
torn between high school romance
and the approval of her friends and
authority figures.  Jonny, Toffee’s
love interest who commits suicide by
nuclear immersion, was played by
Drew Arnett. He was tremendously
entertaining throughout the show,
and his Act 2 musical number, “How
Can I Say Goodbye?” was definitely a
Toffee’s three girlfriends (Bailey
Campanini, Maggie Hunter, Brynn
Shaw) and Jonny’s gang of friends
(Michael Dodson, Samuel Binkley,
Stephen Chamineak) provided the
laughs, sweet dance moves and some
Congratulat ions
Calvin Hawkins, Tanner Edwards & Nick Totta
WilliamWoods University
Volume 1
Issue 2
, Oct. 25, 2010
Zombie Prom
really beautiful harmonies.  Ashleigh Emmons
and Jason Cavallone added a sensual rose-in-teeth
tango scene to the show when Delilah Strict, the
uptight principal, reunited with Eddie Flagrante,
her old high school fling and the expose journalist
who is following Jonny’s story. 
Like any good high school musical,
Zombie Prom concludes with a happy
ending and a lively musical number.
Jonny and Toffee end up together at
Enrico Fermi High’s Perfect Prom, the
icy Ms. Strict’s heart is melted by her
old flame, and in a surprise ending we
learn that Ms. Strict is actually Jonny’s
Overall, I was very impressed with the
play. Some issues occurred with the
audio equipment early in the
performance, but the show went on,
and I am very glad it did. Two thumbs
up to the cast, crew and pit band of 
“Zombie Prom.” I had such a good time;
the two LEAD points were just a bonus.
“The Talon” won the campus vote for the newly relaunched William Woods University newspaper. More than 275
votes helped decide the new name . More than 100 names were submitted, and “The Talon, ” meaning owl's claw,
was chosen. A special thanks to Calvin Hawkins, Tanner Edwards and Nick Totta for submitting the winning
name. The Newspaper Club thanks everyone for their input and for voting.