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Is it just me, or does anyone else get tired of keeping up with their online
social-networking life? Maybe, I just don’t want to talk to anyone else but
my husband for the entire day. Maybe, I just want to spend the weekend
completely un-plugged from society and my friends. Maybe, I would like
to maintain a little thing called privacy!
Students at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harris-
burg, Pa., took a mandatory break from updating statuses, instant mes-
saging and uploading their latest weekend pics, when their college of 800
students underwent a campus-wide blackout. The blackout banned sites
such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for students, teachers, faculty
and staff for an entire week.
Call me crazy, but that sounds like a stellar vacation. It would be nice to
attend a class where students were actually engaged in the class discus-
sion and less busied with texting and browsing the Internet on their cell
It would also be nice to get together during a group project and actually
work on the project, instead of wasting time listening to people gossip
about so and so’s latest drunken’ pictures. I mean, seriously, once you’ve
seen one sleazy picture of Jane Doe with her head in a toilet, you’ve pretty
much seen them all.
It would also be nice if friends would come and physically talk to me
instead of chatting with me online. You always hear adults say how awe-
some college was because people were always visiting each other 
What are our memories of college going to be? Something like, “Oh man,
I remember back when I was in college and my friends and I would just
sit on our computers all night, in separate rooms and just chat it up online.”
Or, even better yet, how annoying is it when you’re with your friends and
they spend the entire visit with you online talking with someone else, while
you awkwardly sit there trying to have a conversation with them, knowing
that they aren’t absorbing a single word you are saying.
Although I approach this issue in a joking matter, I do think what Harris
burg University of Science and Technology was getting at is important. It’s
important for schools and universities to take a step back from technology
and encourage students to really think about what they are actively engag-
ing in every day.
While the Internet is exciting and helpful and certainly has its place, it is
also taking
up a lot of time in our daily lives. It is important that
don’t forget to take the time to talk to
each other face to face and learn to
work diligently without these distractions.
Not everyone needs to know that you are homesick and spent the
evening crying yourself to sleep, because, well, that’s just awkward
and some things are simply better left unsaid, posted, instant messaged
or updated.
It’s Facebook Official,
I Just Tweeted
Your Space
William Woods Students, Faculty and Staff,
Welcome to the new William Woods newspaper (soon to be named!).
First of all, I just want to thank you for reading. Without readers, newspapers don’t really serve a purpose. We can put
all the time and effort into the paper, but you make it worth it!
The last time William Woods had a campus newspaper was about two years ago. Ever since it stopped, there has been
a group of students who felt like something was missing. We looked at the empty Echoes newspaper bins, and wished
they would fll up again.
That is why we decided to take action. Instead of wishing the newspaper would come back, we decided to get a group
of people together who felt passionate about writing, photography and graphic design, and together we brought the
William Woods newspaper back to life.
It hasn’t been easy; we’ve worked really hard, and there were times when we weren’t sure whether this would happen.
These are still the very early stages, and we are looking forward to continuing to grow and improve. For now, we are
creating the layout of a newspaper and e-mailing it to the campus. However, we are working towards the goal of hav-
ing our frst print issue out by the end of the semester.
We sincerely hope that you will stick with us, and come back to read our latest issues as they come out.
Thanks again for reading!
Patrice Basso
If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or are interested in being part of the newspaper staff, please contact
Letter From The Editor
by Nikol (Enss) Beckemeier