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the Hoot
Greeks donate time, energy to philanthropies
A far cry from the stereotypical “Animal House” portrayed in movies and
television, fraternities and sororities on most campuses take pride in their
charitable work. Greeks at William Woods University are no exception.
Every year, each Greek chapter on the WWU campus dedicates a week to a
specific philanthropic cause. They also assist the other Greek organizations
with their philanthropies and contribute time and money to many other
causes locally and nationally.
The first philanthropy week of the school year is Delta Gamma’s
AnchorSplash, to raise awareness and funds for Service for Sight. They raised
$1,500 through “Dunk a DG,” a “most beautiful eyes” penny contest, a
barbeque and other activities.
Each spring, the DGs move the see-saw from their yard to the Callaway
County Courthouse for See-Saw for Sight. Members take turns see-sawing for
24 hours, raising more than $700 last spring.
“Our women take
pride in our motto,
Do Good,” said Jessie
Brunelle, vice
for Delta Gamma.
“Preserving vision
and aiding those
with visual
impairments is the
most rewarding part
of our membership.”
This year DG has
given more than
200 hours of service
related to sight at the
Lion’s Eye Research
Center in Columbia,
Mo.; the Delta
Gamma Center for
Children in St. Louis;
and the St. Louis
Society for the Blind.
Soon after AnchorSplash, Chi Omega hosts Omegaman to benefit the
Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to ill children. The week
includes a dodgeball tournament and a midnight barbeque.
“Chi Omega finds that community service and philanthropic work help to
enrich not only the lives of others in our community, but also our own lives,”
said Amy Burnett, Chi Omega president. “As one of the six purposes of our
sorority, Chi Omega takes pride in our philanthropic work because of the
values and benefits to all.”
By Anna Farha, associate editor
Alpha Phi’s
philanthropy week,
Ivy League, is in
October. They raised
$600 for their
foundation during Ivy
League, $298 during
their Pancake Phist,
and $1,327 during
Red Dress Gala.
The Phis also sold
women’s heart health
wristbands during
February leading up
to National Wear
Red Day, and
everyone was
encouraged to wear
red around campus.
“Alpha Phi enjoys
participating in the
community because
it gives us the chance
to offer some of the incredible opportunities and gifts we have been afforded
through Alpha Phi,” said Jenny Morris, Alpha Phi president. “Working within
the community shows our chapter just how fortunate we are and inspires us to
use our resources to
give others a chance
to enjoy the same
opportunities we
have been given.”
Every February,
Alpha Chi Omega
members host
Lyrefest, which i
ncludes events to
benefit their Foun-
dation and the fight
against domestic
violence. Special
support is given
throughout the year
to the women’s
shelter in Fulton,
CARDV (Coalition
Against Rape and
Domestic Violence).
They sell arts and
crafts and sponsor
Haircuts for CARDV.