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We hope you enjoy the second issue of The
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Dear Readers,
It’s hard to believe it’s already the end
of the academic year! Time always goes
by fast at The Woods.
To celebrate the end of a wonderful
year, we bring to you the fourth issue
of the Hoot—the last one for this
year’s volume.
As always, we have worked hard to
provide you with quality features and
photography—from stories about
successful students to amazing alumni.
We hope you enjoy it!
In addition, we hope you take the time
to provide us feedback about the
issue by emailing me at ddmoritz@ This magazine
is created for you—so your feedback is
always appreciated!
And if you’re really interested in our
magazine, we encourage you to
consider joining us. Staff members
not only develop skills specific to
journalism, but they also gain
valuable experience in other areas such
as time management and leadership.
And of course, working on a newspaper
staff always looks great on a resume. If
you’re interested, please stop by
our table at next fall’s Student
Activities Fair.
Until next time!
Dani Moritz
the Hoot
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