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the Hoot
Another culturally shocking experience for everyone was figuring out the
metro system in Paris.
“We had to adapt to the Metro right away. Getting on the Metro, we had to
automatically cover our purses and stay close. We learned this really quickly!”
said Delaney. “We also learned that we had to hold onto a pole or sit in a chair
just be stable because the metro goes fast and we would wobble around.”
No matter where they traveled, however, they were always experiencing new
and exciting things. If they were walking the streets of Paris or looking at the
countryside from a bus window, the historical aspect of the trip was never far
from their minds.
“Our bus tour was a time machine,” said Jane Mudd. “And I must say, I was
humbled at every turn.”
The benefits of travel are far and wide, and the students and faculty who
experienced France this year would agree without reservations.
“Whether you are traveling across the globe or across the street, traveling is
important for so many reasons,” said Tamerius. “Traveling is wonderful for
feeding curiosity, broadening the mind, developing confidence and cultivating
empathy for others. It helps us to become interested in a story other than
our own.”
Woods around the World is in its sixth year of the program. Previous trips
have included Peru, the American Civil Rights trail, a Holocaust tour, Italy
and an Indian reservation in South Dakota. The location of the trip changes
every year, but the reasoning behind each tour remains unchanged.
“We try to move around the globe looking for meaningful and educational
trips that take into consideration a host of factors including student interest,
affordability, our own resources and safety concerns,” Tamerius said.
“Some of the trips are aimed at a cultural immersion experience. Some of
them are focused on service-learning. All of them are attempts at fetching a
good story, the kind of story that supports our academic mission at
William Woods.”
For more information, check out the YouTube slideshow at
com/watch?v=Ht_9Cx3txoI and the Woods Around the World 2012 blog at