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the Hoot
For sophomore Alicia Delaney, visiting France was her first time
traveling abroad.
“The trip was a great way for me to experience a different culture and learn so
much about a different country all in one week with some amazing people!”
Tamerius said he was enchanted by Paris in a way that he didn’t quite expect.
“The city is alluring with its fascinating history, impressive collections of art,
dazzling architectural design and sidewalk cafes. Add to that the stunning
weather, delicious pastries and a great group to travel with and it was pretty
intoxicating. I felt like Owen Wilson in ‘Midnight in Paris,’ having fallen under
a spell,” he said.
“Another site that will be forever etched in my mind is Chartres Cathedral.
The stunning Gothic cathedral is a visual depiction of medieval storytelling at
its best, where the sculptures and stained glass become sermons in stone
and color.”
Junior Olivia Koselansky’s favorite part of the trip was visiting the American
cemetery in Normandy.
“The history behind WWII was amazing to see in person,” said Koselansky.
Tamerius agreed, “I was overwhelmed by the visit to the American Cemetery
at Normandy, Omaha Beach and the cliffs at Pont du Hoc. You get some small
idea of the horrors of war and the sacrifice and courage of these brave young
soldiers when you are looking at the massive cliff face that the US Rangers
climbed and the bomb craters and the hedgerows that form the landscape
of Normandy.”
For senior Eliza Payne, this was her second time visiting France, but it
certainly was not a boring repeat of her previous trip.
“I loved visiting the town of Saint Malo. The beaches were gorgeous and the
town was so charming and serene,” said Payne. “My favorite memories of the
trip are from our time in Saint Malo!”
Much of the trip was spent taking in beautiful art in various places, including
the Louvre and Vincent Van Gogh’s resting place. Those parts of the trip were
the highlights of Mudd’s French experience.
“I can’t stop thinking about walking the same streets and viewing the same
scenes that Van Gogh so passionately and vibrantly painted back in 1890,”
she said.
Experiencing the French cuisine was another big experience for all of the
travelers. One thing they had to try wherever they went were the crepes.
“The chocolate crepes were to die for and by far the best thing I ate all week!”
said Payne.