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Unique Designs Florist
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed
• Commited to Quality and Service
• Flowers & gifts for all occasions
• Personalized care with each order
• Enjoy the convenience of ordering online
608A Market Street
Fulton, MO 65251
(573) 642 8616
Plan a special suprise for you and your significant
other. In Fulton there are plenty of spots for couples
to go for their own romantic getaway. If the weather
permits, a leisurely stroll on the nearby walking trail
might be a good start. Or, you could always catch a
movie or, if you have the steeds, go for a romantic
trail ride.
Make reservations at a local restaurant. For a tasty
meal, I would recommend The Grille, Diner 54, Sir
Winston’s, Fulton Cafe, Jalisco, Arris’ or Bek’s. Some
are more casual than others, but they all serve
great food.
Order flowers! Make your significant others’ day by
sending them flowers. Although roses are always a
hit, there are plenty of affordable options at the
local flower shops. I would check out Unique
Designs Florist or McIntire Florist.
If you’re single, don’t worry! There are plenty of
fun things to do with your friends. You could go see
a movie, spend a few hours in CoMo, have a game
night with your friends (I highly recommend
Twister), go out for dinner with friends and, if
necessary, invest in some of your favorite ice cream!
Erin Springer
this year she just
wants to have a fun
time with
. She says
that she plans on
either going to the
movies or enjoying
a nice dinner
with Christyan.
Priscilla Calvird
she wants to take
Marcelo horseback
riding and then go to
dinner and a movie. But
her boyfriend,
, has other
plans. He says his
Valentine’s Day plans
are a secret, but he did
say he’s planning
something special.
Emily Triesh
said she doesn’t
know what
she’ll do with
Terrel Shannon
for Valentine’s
Day, but she’ll
be happy to just
spend the day
the Hoot