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have always had the enthusiasm and work ethic to
make it in the industry.”
Originally from California, Mary Orr came to WWU
as a western rider. As her adviser, Lampe introduced
her to saddle seat “because I knew she had the
enthusiasm to really love it.”
The Orrs have kept close ties with William Woods
since their graduation. They have returned both sepa-
rately and together to host clinics for WWU students
and horses, and Mary Orr spoke at WWU’s EQS
Academic Showcase in 2010.
“I rode with Mary and Evan at William Woods when
they returned to give a clinic and it is very clear that
they both have a deep understanding of how horses
think and how to get them to give you their best,” said
Maria Nozzi, a 2011 WWU graduate.
Erika Campbell, a senior studio art major at WWU,
agreed, “Mary and Evan Orr are some of the nicest,
most well-rounded instructors I’ve ridden with. They
are able to clearly take in the horse’s build and the
rider’s abilities so that they know exactly what the pair
is capable of.”
In the past year the Orrs welcomed two William Woods
University graduates to their staff at High Caliber
Stables. Lauren Blue, a 1996 graduate, is now a riding
instructor. Morgan Shindler Baumhoer, who graduated
from WWU in December 2010 with a bachelor’s
degree in equestrian science, is Mary and Evan’s
assistant trainer.
“Morgan told us at age 10 that she would work for us
some day, and she did! She is so special to us, and one
day I hope to see her win the same award,” said
Mary Orr.
“When I was in middle school, I was very fortunate to be
able to work with Mary one summer at William Woods,”
Baumhoer explained. “I knew right away that it was a
dream of mine to work with Mary someday. I not only
looked up to her as a wonderful role model, but as an
amazing teacher.”
Together the Orrs have trained several World Champion
horses and riders, including two- time World Grand
Champion and Triple Crown winner, WGC CH Our
Charming Lady.
“When Our Charming Lady and I won our second
3-Gaited World Grand Championship, it was 10 years
to the day that I had helped Kim Cowart, another WWU
graduate and my then- employer, to win the same
championship,” said Mary Orr.
They received another award in 2010 when the
Saddlebred Association of the Carolinas named High
Caliber Stables the High Point Performance Barn of
the Year.
But training horses is only a small part of what they do
at High Caliber Stables. To run a successful business,
Mary and Evan have embraced the many resources
available to them: the internet, social networking sites,
and the world of public relations.
High Caliber Stables has a weekly newsletter about
what’s happening that week at the barn and a
Facebook page where colleagues, customers and their
staff can share pictures, stories and information. In
many ways, these things are key to their success.
“You’ve got to be conscious of how you are perceived
in the community, and by your customers,” said Evan
Orr. “The weekly newsletter isn’t just for our
customers, but for friends and family so that they know
what’s going on at the barn, who’s having a birthday
that week and any new additions we might have.”
The deep connection that riders and parents have with
High Caliber Stables sets them apart from many
other barns.
“This may be our job and our livelihood, but this is
their hobby. We want our barn to be a place where
they enjoy coming,” explained Evan Orr. “It’s open and
welcoming, and they enjoy hanging out and watching
others ride. It becomes a kind of large, dysfunctional
family where everyone supports everyone.”
Baumhoer said, “High Caliber Stables is so special
because we’re guided by the principle that riding not
only develops equestrian skills but, more importantly,
cultivates responsibility, relationships and the
understanding of working toward and realizing
Mary and Evan celebrate a successful 2010
Lexington show, topped off with a Saturday night
3-Gaited Open win.
the Hoot