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The Interview
1. Prepare yourself in advance. Know as much as you possibly can about
the company: what their values are, what they are looking for in an
employee, and what problems they may face in the industry.
2. If you have a few days before the interview, call to confirm the
interview time and date. This will add a touch of professionalism to
you as a candidate.
3. Make the most of small talk before the interview. Don’t just answer
the questions directed at you, ask questions and share experiences
and stories. It’ll make you both more comfortable and the
conversation will flow easier.
4. Make sure you let the interviewer know you are interested in the job
and the company, not just in ‘what’s in it for me.’
5. Body language is key! Relaxation inspires confidence and if you’re
confident in yourself, the interviewer is going to be confident in you.
6. Ask to tour the building/facility before you leave. You can use this
time to ask more questions about how the company works, and to
comment on things to show how well you know the company already.
The Follow-Up
1. Thank them for their time before you leave! Shake the
interviewer’s hand firmly and let them know you hope to hear
from them.
2. Send a thank you note. If you’re in a pool of 25 candidates and only a
few of them sent thank you notes, those are the candidates the
employer is going to consider more carefully.
The job search can be very intimidating to a college graduate, but by using the
resources available, you can make the process easier and land the job you want!
Amy Dittmer