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the Hoot
“Because we miss playing our instruments so much, Murph invited us to play in the WWU pep band,” said
Katie, a piccolo player.
“Having a music education degree and having played in pep bands since high school, I jumped at the
opportunity,” said Dan, a trumpeter. “Playing for William Woods is a highlight of my weeks and months.”
The Parliament plans to play at both men and women’s games. Songs will vary, but Tetley says their
repertoire will definitely include the National Anthem and the WWU fight song, which he also put together.
Their first appearance was Jan. 12, and Tetley said the band did a great job.
“Many people thanked us. The National Anthem was a huge hit! We even got a positive comment
from our streaming online crowd!”
A Central Methodist University graduate, Tetley has a lot of pride for his own alma mater and
he wants to see that same pride exhibited for WWU. He wants students to be able to recall
their fight song long after they have graduated and be proud to have been an Owl.
“It isn’t about any other school; it is about us, the Owls!” Tetley exclaimed.
Members of the Parliament Pep Band, in addition to Tetley, the Kreienheders, Jackson
and Oliver, are WWU students Ethan Martin of Fulton, trumpet; Maggie McCarver
of Ballwin, Mo., flute; Keith Nigus of Fulton, sax/electric bass; and Rebecca Palmer of
Columbia, Mo., sax.
Fulton High School band members in the Parliament Pep Band are Luke Nigus, sax; Genevieve
Randall, piccolo; and Fern Stevermer, trombone. Thomas Collins, a Helias High School student,
plays bass.
Practicing are Fern Stevermer, trombone; Ethan Martin, trumpet; Dan Kreienheder, trumpet; and Genevieve Randall, piccolo.