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Biele performs at the Fulton Street Fair.
stirring it all up and starting to look for jobs now because I
graduate in December. If I could do anything, I would love
to sing professionally full time.
Q: What advice would you give to those pursuing a
music career?
A: Network as much as possible. Meet as many new and
neat people as possible because you never know who they
are connected to in this small world. Funny how much
progress you make when you aren’t even trying, as opposed
to how slow-moving progress feels when you are exhausted from trying everything
you can. However, the hard work and effort do pay off. Get noticed and earn respect.
Do what you do, the way you want to do it, to the best of your God-given ability and
if it is meant to be, it will be. I once got a card that said, “The future belongs to those
that believe in their dreams.” I believe it.
Q: When did you know that music would be a part of your career?
A: I have an interest in a lot of career paths, but I wake up thinking about making
music or humming tunes. I use music as therapy when I am having a bad day or
listen to it to make a good day even better. Not to mention I get distracted by it
frequently, then go to bed thinking about music in some sense as well. I have never
gotten sick of music. I’d say all that makes it rather clear that I don’t and won’t live
my life without music.. Hard to say if it will be a fulltime career for me, but I know it
will remain in my life.
Awards since her
graduation in 2006
Texaco Country Showdown local
winner at Fulton Street Fair, 2011
Lake Ozark Colgate Country Show-
down Weekly Local Winner at
Pickled Petes, 2008
Missouri State Fair Idol, 2008
Miss Gateway 2008
(smokesmodel for Gateway Raceway
in Madison, Ill.
CMT’s Ultimate Coyote Ugly Top 5
Memphis Winner, 2007
Contestant on Nashville Star
Photo by Lincoln Purvis