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RCW Gifts
517 Court Street
Fulton, MO 65251
(573) 592 8852
Check out our facebook page
for more information!
High quality
equipment for
both training
and showing
Special focus on
hunter jumpers,
dressage and
and buying
Wish lists, gift
baskets and
gift certifcates
“From forelocks to
fetlocks, we got
ya covered”
10% student
discount on
everything but
Visit or stop by for details.
Now your VISA
Check Card can have
a personality as unique as your own!
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On behalf of The Hoot’s staff, I
would like to introduce you to
William Woods University’s new
student magazine.
The magazine is produced by
the same group that creates The
Talon, and it allows the staff the
opportunity to better showcase
news-features and photographs.
As always, we encourage you
to contact us with feedback
about our publications. Both
publications are made with you
in mind, and we need your help
to ensure we are doing our
job right.
You can send us questions,
comments or concerns at,
comments on The Talon’s
website or even on our new
Facebook page.
If interested in participating in
either publication, either as a
writer, photographer, designer
or artist, please contact us via
The Talon’s email and we will
get back to you shortly.
We are always looking for fresh
talent and would love to have
you on staff, regardless of how
much past experience you have.
In addition, please feel free to
submit any photos you take
around campus to us—you
may just fnd them on The
Talon’s website.
If University Relations
decides to use them for their
Dani Moritz
Danielle Propst
Photo Editor
Lincoln Purvis
Contributing Editors
Anna Farha
Leigh Rice
Becky Roberts
Andrea Weed
Staff Writers
James Fitzmaurice
Elisse Schaaf
Business Manager
Rebekah Savage
Social Media Editor
Patrice Basso
Mary Ann Beahon
publications, you will receive
$1 per photograph.
As for advertising, please
also feel free to email us
and we will send an ad
representative to your
business or student
We hope you enjoy the frst
edition of The Hoot, and we
look forward to continuing
to providing you with
interesting and compelling
stories and photographs.
Dani Moritz and
Danielle Propst
Dear readers,
Email address:
Website address:
Motivational speaker
Corey Ciocchetti
“Chasing Authentic Success”
7 p.m. Oct. 19 in Cutlip Auditorium
Ciocchetti gives audiences a
clearer view of what it means
to gain character, defne their
priorities and live an ethical life.
Part of the President’s Concert
and Lecture Series
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