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equestrian studies division, said. “We will miss Aaron, but this is an
incredible opportunity for him.”
According to Starr, getting the job with Cox is a great accomplishment
for Griffn. It carries with it the prestige of working for a well-known
equestrian clinician and competitor, as well as a terrifc salary
and benefts.
“I’m excited about expanding my knowledge of flm and flm theory,
but I’m probably looking forward to traveling the most,” explains
Griffn. “I get to go to London in November to make a horsemanship
training video, so that’ll be awesome.”
While an undergraduate, Griffn directed, produced and wrote three
feature flms: “Young and Reckless,” “The Forest” and “Can I Take
Your Order?” He also interned with Pure Motion Media in Columbia,
Mo., flmed “Three Gun Nation,” for NBC Sports, made a KOMU-TV
commercial advertising U_News@4 and was the photographer for the
Missouri Ranch Horse Association.
An active member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, Griffn also served as
photo editor of The Talon his senior year.
Starr said the job with Chris Cox “is a huge deal for Aaron’s career
and, from a horse professional’s standpoint, a lifetime opportunity not
to be missed.”
This past summer, Griffn won the “Arch Photography Contest” in St.
Louis, and his photography is on display in the St. Louis Arch.
For more information on Griffn’s new boss, Chris Cox, or the Road to
the Horse competition, visit and
Photo by Lincoln Purvis