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The trail passes through the Reform Conservation Area, land leased by the
state from Ameren-UE, the energy company that owns the nearby Callaway
Nuclear Plant.
Until now the trail has been running parallel to Highway 94. Here it departs
from that route, offering a more wilderness-like experience for riders. As the
trail moseys into Portland, the Missouri River comes into view.
Portland is the smallest community along this section of the trail, but the
Riverfront Bar and Grill comes highly recommended by both trail tourists and
locals. Stop in, eat some lunch, enjoy the view of the river from the boat ramp
and then jump back on the trail for the ride back.
Once you’ve made this trip, you might consider other sections of the Katy
Trail. Highly recommended are Rocheport to McBaine, Hartsburg to North
Jefferson City, and Portland to Rhineland.
If you would like to plan your own trip, check out
for assistance.