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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

8:00:00 PM - Not Anymore - **FOR NEW INCOMING STUDENTS ONLY!** To help foster a safe campus environment, we are taking a proactive stance against sexual assault and interpersonal violence. Thus, incoming students are required to complete Not Anymore, our online educational program. While we may never fully eliminate such violence, we are committed to making our campus safe. To complete the program: (1) Go to New and Current Students on the WWU website and click WWU Quick Launch; (2) log in with your WWU account information and select Owlnet; (3) under the Students Tab, click on the Not Anymore link found on the right-hand side menu; (4) you will be taken to the Not Anymore Account Setup Page. Follow the instructions provided. The program will allow you to leave and re-enter the course to complete the program in several sittings without having to start over. If you run into problems taking or reentering the program, do not start over. Use the HELP button on the screen for assistance. Students must successfully complete Not Anymore before August 31 to receive LEAD credit.


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