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Institutional Assessment

Institutional assessment provides the university with broad knowledge about the effectiveness of academic and non academic programming. Many tools are used with this strategy to assist the university in appropriately assessing student learning as well as assessing the overall effectiveness of the university. Institutional assessment focuses on the overall campus climate of the university.

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Program Assessment

All academic programs are assessed based on a 5-year review cycle. Program assessment requires all academic programs to show evidence of students learning, how student academic performance is evaluated, and results of program graduates. William Woods believes it is their responsibility to provide the best academic experience in all the programs offered and through the program assessment process we are working to ensure that is happening.

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General Education Assessment

The Curriculum Committee and the Associate Dean of Academic Assessment are responsible for the oversight of the General Education Assessment. The Assessment practices are designed as a way of establishing a more effective approach to assessment and ensuring student learning. There is an established rotation designating which general education areas are to be assessed with each of them being assessed within a 3-year cycle. All assessment utilizes a Juried Assessment approach, using faculty who are knowledgeable in the field but not teaching for the criteria for which they are assessing.

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