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Jim Concannon

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Professor of Education

(573) 592-1645

Academic Building
Room: 304A


  • PHD, C&I Science Education, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2008
  • MED, Curriculum & Instruction, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2001
  • BS, Biochemistry, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1999

Teaching Philosophy:

  • Students come to the classroom with a plethora of ideas about the natural world, scientific knowledge, and scientific processes. Many of these conceptions are incorrect and reinforced by inaccurate instruction; for example, a teacher explaining there is one single scientific method, that the sun "rises" in the east, or that stars "come out" at night. These misconceptions carry into adulthood. The goal for instruction is to modify these misconceptions whereby students assimilate and accommodate accurate scientific content. Teachers should embrace a constructionist approach whereby students are allowed hands-on, minds-on experiences to directly interact or observe scientific phenomena whereby data is collected and evidence-based claims are made. Students should be afforded opportunities to question, research, use models, gather data, make data-based claims, engage in scientific argumentation; and overall, experience doing science as scientists. This, I believe, is the foundation for a scientifically literate society.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Science Education
  • Teacher Development
  • Quantitative Methods of Research

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • EDU492 Educational Seminar
  • EDU319 Methods of Teaching Science
  • EDU311 Middle School Philosophy and Organi
  • EDU583 Prfrmnc Assmnt Asprng Bldng Lvl Adm
  • EDU790 Research Seminar
  • EDU799 Research Seminar
  • EDU566 STEM: Technology and Coding
  • EDU499 Supervised Teaching (Secondary)
  • EDU610 Utilzng Stat Procdrs in Resrch/Eval
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