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John Brand III

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Assistant Professor of American Sign Language

Burton Building
Room: 004A


  • MA, Sign Language Education, Gallaudet University, 2016
  • BS, Community Health, University of Illinois - Urbana, 2007

Teaching Philosophy:

  • Everyone should enjoy what they teach and what they learn. When they love what they teach or learn, they will succeed in their profession. "Love the life you live, Live the life you love" -Bob Marley

Major Areas of Interest:

  • American Sign Language Education
  • ASL and Deaf Culture
  • ASL Art (Poetry and Song Translation)
  • Educational/Recreational filming

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • ASL105 American Sign Language I -U
  • ASL145 American Sign Language II -U
  • ASL205 American Sign Language III
  • ASL245 American Sign Language IV
  • ASL430 ASL Literature
  • ASL120 Deaf Culture -U
  • ASL240 Fingerspelling & Numbers
  • ASL336 Topics in Deafness
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