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Josh Turkewitz

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Assistant Professor of Philosophy

(573) 592-4353

Academic Building
Room: 211


  • PHD, Philosophy, Florida State University , 2019
  • MA, Philosophy, Florida State University , 2013
  • BA, , Wesleyan University , 2006

Teaching Philosophy:

  • Philosophy is both a practice and a body of knowledge – my aim is to help students engage with both. Exposure to the theories and insights explored by philosophers is valuable for many reasons, granting students perspective and a sense of how they are situated in the this intellectual history and development of our culture, as well as an awareness of the wide range of options blooming in the garden of theoretical viability. In addition to the academic study of the philosophical codex, philosophy is also a practice, a method of critical thinking and rational participation with the philosophical canon and daily life. I see the goal of the academy as not just to produce knowledgeable individuals but also to endow graduates with the epistemic tools to evaluate and engage with evidence and make wise and considered life choices.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Vagueness
  • Existentialism
  • Epistemology
  • Logic
  • Philosophy of Sex and Gender

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • PHL40001 AP: Philosophy & Science Fiction
  • PHL116 Biomedical Ethics -Q
  • PHL107 Critical Thinking -i
  • PHL212 Ethics -U
  • WWU490 General Studies Capstone
  • PHL105 Intro to Philosophy -Q
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