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Nina McKee

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Instructor of Cyber Security

(573) 592-4242

Burton Building
Room: 208


  • MS, Cybersecurity, Maryville Univ Of St Louis, 2022
  • MBA, Business Administration, William Woods University, 2020
  • BS, Management Information Systems, William Woods University, 2019

Teaching Philosophy:

  • I believe it is essential for students to develop their digital competencies in order to operate in an increasingly digital world. Through developing their digital competencies, students afford themselves the ability to work more efficiently, pursue more opportunities, learn new perspectives outside of their own, and gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the world around them. Developing one’s digital competency includes how one interacts with technology as well as curating their digital presence online. Acquiring the skills necessary to be able to network, share information, collaborate, and conduct research are all imperative to success in a digital world. As such, I set out to teach students how to learn new technologies, concepts, or processes as much as I am teaching about those technologies, concepts, and processes. The technologies utilized by students empower them to curate and guide their education in the classroom and in life.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Cybersecurity Information Technology Website Development

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • MIS415 Advanced Productivity Tools
  • MIS409 AP:MIS Internship IX
  • WWU101 Connections
  • CSS325 Cyber Attacks and Defenses
  • CSS324 Cybersecurity & Internet Architectr
  • CSS490 Cybersecurity Capstone
  • MIS425 Enterprise Systems
  • CSS210 Introduction to Cybersecurity-Q
  • CSS30003 IS: Web Applctn Penetratn Tst Chckl
  • MIS250 Networking
  • MIS325 Website Development
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