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Kimberly Keller

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Professor of Biology

(573) 592-1637

Cox Science and Language Building
Room: 205


  • PHD, Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University, 2006
  • MS, Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University, 2000
  • BS, Biology, Wilmington College, 1993

Teaching Philosophy:

  • My teaching philosophy is to always be passionate about the subject that I am teaching; to always have a sense of humor when teaching to create a positive environment in my class; and to always be available and willing to help my students. While I strive for a positive classroom environment, I also make every effort to push my students intellectually to try to motivate them to reach their full potential so they’ll be prepared for the next phase in their career. I feel it is important to model the fact that learning is a never-ending process for everyone, in hopes of encouraging my students to become life-long learners.

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • BIO405 AP: Cell and Molecular Biology
  • CHM440 Biochemistry
  • CHM441 Biochemistry Lab
  • BIO125 Biology II Lab for Majors
  • BIO421 Biology Laboratory Assistant
  • BIO450 Biology Practicum
  • BIO405 Cell & Molecular Biology
  • BIO406 Cell & Molecular Biology Lab
  • BIO231 Genetics
  • BIO232 Genetics Lab
  • WWU475 Honors Thesis I
  • WWU476 Honors Thesis II
  • BIO200 IP: Biology Journal Club
  • BIO303 Microbiology
  • BIO304 Microbiology Lab
  • BIO351 Molecular Genetics: Cancer Biology
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