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Robin Hirsch-Jacobson

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Professor of Biology

(573) 592-4315

Cox Science and Language Building
Room: 302


  • PHD, Biological Sciences, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2011
  • BA, Environmental Studies, University of California - Santa Cruz, 2001
  • BS, Marine Biology, University of California - Santa Cruz, 2001

Teaching Philosophy:

  • I strive to create learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. I teach hands-on field labs where students are able to learn about ecology and the natural environment through observation and experimentation. These hands-on experiences lead to an appreciation of the diversity around us, as well as a lifelong interest in learning about the flora and fauna we can find. These labs are a strong compliment to the rigorous curriculum I provide inside the classroom, thus developing well rounded and academically and professionally prepared students.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Conservation Biology
  • Ecology
  • Biology
  • Ornithology

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • BIO350 Animal Behavior
  • BIO115 Biology I Lab for Majors
  • BIO124 Biology II for Majors
  • BIO125 Biology II Lab for Majors
  • BIO330 Ecology
  • BIO331 Ecology Lab
  • BIO401 Evolution
  • CHM114 General Chemistry I -N
  • BIO20005 IP: Biology Journal Club
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