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Bailey McCallum

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Assistant Professor of Equestrian Studies

(573) 592-4343

Room: 105


  • MED, Equestrian Education, William Woods University, 2015
  • BS, Equestrian Science, William Woods University, 2012

Teaching Philosophy:

  • As a teacher, I feel it is my responsibility to provide the tools and skills my students need for success and a framework to help them progress. I feel students learn best when they feel empowered to try new skills in a safe environment where their individual needs are acknowledged. I believe that every student deserves an empathetic environment, where their mistakes can be turned into learning experiences and they are encouraged to continue despite their limitations. I strive to create a space where students can experiment safely and find solutions on their own so they can eventually become independent professionals.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Classical dressage training and instruction
  • Crosstraining methods
  • Equine ethology and behaviorism
  • Rider biomechanics and kinetics
  • Equine anatomy and biomechanics
  • Horse management
  • Equine welfare

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • EQR420 Advanced Dressage
  • EQU401 Advanced Horse Management Practicum
  • EQU410 Appld Dgtl Media for the Equin Inds
  • EQA312 Equestrian Communication
  • EQR120 Fundamentals of Dressage
  • EQR101 Fundamentals of Horsemanship I
  • EQR102 Fundamentals of Horsemanship II
  • EQR220 Intermediate Dressage
  • EQR320 Intermediate/Advanced Dressage
  • EQS208 Survey of Groundwork Techniques
  • EQS209 Survey of Groundwork Technqs Lb
  • EQS230 Teaching Techniques II-Dressage
  • EQS340 Teaching Techniques III-Dressage
  • EQS351 Teaching Techniques IV-Dressage
  • EQS304 Theory Equine Behav & Train Methods
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