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Frank Giuseffi

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Assistant Professor of Education

(573) 592-4485

Columbia Parkade Plaza Building
Room: 215-8


  • EDD, Instructional Leadership, Lindenwood University , 2014
  • MED, Education Curriculum and Instruction, William Woods University, 2006
  • MA, Liberal Arts, Saint John's College - New Mexico, 1996
  • BA, Political Science and Philosophy, University of Central Missouri, 1994

Teaching Philosophy:

  • I bring to teaching a belief that all students be given the respect and dignity afforded to them as human beings. Based on this philosophical underpinning, I see myself as a facilitator who strives to create learner-centered educational experiences that enhance personal development, relationship-building, and self-directed learning. I believe learners are seeking instructors who guide them toward the development of specific competencies, intellectual development, and a love for learning. As someone who works toward becoming that kind of instructor, I seek to foster in students a desire to learn through various learning methods and modes, and to reflect on their learning and thinking. Ultimately, learning is a process that draws from various realities, to include learning styles, learners’ previous knowledge and experiences, positive relationships, and the environments where the teaching and learning take place.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Socratic Method, E-learning, Self-Directed Learning, Adult Education, Critical Thinking, Philosophy of Education.

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • ALE710 Adult Learning: Theory and Practice
  • ALE780 Adults as Critical Thinkers
  • PSY226 Child and Adolescent Development
  • ALE775 Imprvmnt of Adlt Instrctn and Trng
  • EDU318 Methods of Teaching Social Science
  • EDU750 Organiztnl Learning & System Change
  • EDU760 Program Evaluation & Strategic Plan
  • EDU790 Research Seminar
  • EDU799 Research Seminar
  • EDU499 Supervised Teaching (Secondary)
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