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Karen Pautz

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Assistant Professor, Equestrian Studies, Dressage

(573) 592-4343


  • MED, Education - Teaching & Technology, William Woods University, 2014
  • BA, English, William Woods University, 1981

Teaching Philosophy:

  • My goal as an instructor is to become obsolete. I strive to give my students the foundational knowledge, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities to make them independent decision makers who no longer need to rely on me. I encourage them, through experimentation and play, to meet any challenge with confidence and open-minded intellectual curiosity.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Dressage

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • EQR420 Advanced Dressage
  • EQE546 Applied Instructional Theories
  • EQE576 Development of Instructnl Resources
  • EQS330 Dressage Issues
  • EQE530 Equestrian Academic Instruction
  • EQE587 Equestrian Education Capstone Prjct
  • EQR120 Fundamentals of Dressage
  • EQR220 Intermediate Dressage
  • EQR320 Intermediate/Advanced Dressage
  • EQS230 Teaching Techniques II-Dressage
  • EQS340 Teaching Techniques III-Dressage
  • EQS351 Teaching Techniques IV-Dressage
  • EQS304 Theory Equine Behav & Train Methods
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