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Linda Davis

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Professor of Management Information Systems

(573) 592-4382


  • PHD, Information Science & Learning Technology, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2002
  • EDS, Educational Administration, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1997
  • MED, Educational Administration, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1989
  • BS, Education, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1980

Teaching Philosophy:

  • My mission is to create strong individuals who can thrive in an ever-changing world of information systems. While creating this strength, I hope to empower them as empathetic, less selfish human beings who have the ability to use their skills and knowledge to better the world around them.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • The Effects of Student Learning Styles
  • Perceptions of Online Learning
  • Demographics on Distance Education Outcomes in Higher Education
  • Online Undergraduate/Graduate Course Development
  • Digital Virtual Worlds; Second Life Development
  • Web Site Development

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • MIS100 Introduction to Web 2.0
  • MIS403 MIS Internship III
  • MIS475 Mngmnt Information Systems/Capstone
  • MIS125 Productivity Tools
  • MIS325 Website Development
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