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Bethanie Irons

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Teaching Philosophy:

  • While I have valuable experience in the field of art and design, it is important that I not be seen as the sole source of information in my classroom. I empower students to use and share their own experiences and knowledge to create a collaborative learning environment. With a focus on a non-linear cycle of experimentation, concrete experience, reflection, and conceptualization, my classroom involves rigorous technical and conceptual work meant to induce a more critical and inquisitive engagement with images and materials. The arts teach us that there is more than one solution to a problem. As an educator, I celebrate multiple perspectives, unanticipated possibilities, and the belief that art making has the power to transform lives.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Digital Humanities
  • Social Media Research
  • Art and Design History
  • Intersections of Design and Fine Art

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • ART303 Intermediate Graphic Design
  • ART433 Professional Development
  • ART332 Publication Design
  • ART250 Typography
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