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Sean Baldridge

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Assistant Professor of Physics

(573) 592-1143

Cox Science and Language Building
Room: 206


  • PHD, Physics, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2017
  • BS, Physics, Louisiana State Univ- Baton Rouge, 2011

Teaching Philosophy:

  • "The most important attribute that education can bring to anyone is the ability to think critically. In an era where information and knowledge is universally available, it is the power to comprehend, assess and analyse which makes the difference." -Charles Clarke

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Astrophysics
  • Astrochemistry
  • Science outreach and education
  • Computer simulations for learning

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • PHY450 Advanced Laboratory Methods
  • PHY321 Classical Mechanics
  • SCI130 Foundations of Science -N
  • SCI131 Foundations of Science Lab
  • SCI140 Introduction to Astronomy -N
  • SCI141 Introduction to Astronomy Lab
  • PHY315 Modern Physics
  • PHY201 Physics I -N
  • PHY202 Physics I Lab
  • PHY212 Physics II -N
  • PHY213 Physics II Lab
  • PHY422 Quantum Mechanics II
  • PHY490 Senior Research Practicum
  • PHY360 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mchncs
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