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Craig Smith

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Assistant Professor of History

(573) 592-4558


  • PHD, American History, Brandeis University, 2014
  • MA, American History, Brandeis University, 2009
  • MA, History, St. John's University, 2006
  • BA, History, St. John's University, 2005

Teaching Philosophy:

  • My teaching philosophy focuses on historical storytelling and the importance of individual choice. My classes aim to personalize history by examining peoples’ thought processes. By taking students through the mindsets of historical actors, I show how a progression of events is influenced by personal motivations, ideology, and emotions, which allows students to relate to the effects of decisions in their daily lives. The goal is to show history as something far beyond just remembering names and dates.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Early American History
  • Colonial America
  • Early Republic
  • Atlantic World
  • Leadership
  • War/Military History
  • George Washington and the American Founders
  • Cultural/Intellectual History
  • Honor, Virtue, and Ethics
  • American Revolution

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • HIS324 American Revolution
  • HIST332 Civil War
  • HIS103 Erly Amer&US Hst-H
  • HIS390 HIS Internship I
  • HIS104 Modern US His-H
  • HIS215 Native America -H
  • HIS314 Teaching History -H
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