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Cynthia Robb

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Assistant Professor of Athletic Training and Physical Education

(573) 592-1689

Center for Human Performance Building
Room: 121


  • MA, Human Performance Sports Sciences, Univ Denver , 1991
  • BA, Exercise Science and Human Performance, Missouri Western State College, 1987

Teaching Philosophy:

  • A Chinese Proverb says that a teacher opens the door, the student must choose to walk through it. It is my privilege, as a teacher, to help make the door accessible, inviting, and rewarding should the student choose to travel through it.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Athletic Training
  • Exercise Science

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • EHP310 Advanced Human Nutrition
  • EHP390 EHP Internship I
  • EHP451 EHP Internship II
  • EXS104 First Aid and CPR
  • EXS180 Introduction to Exercise Science
  • EXS321 Kinesiology
  • EXS103 Nutrition
  • EXS100 Personal Health
  • EXS304 Prevention and Care Lab
  • EXS303 Prevention/Care Athletic Injuries
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