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Cynthia Kramer

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Professor, Legal Studies

(573) 592-4293


  • LLM, Dispute Resolution, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2005
  • JD, Juris Doctor, University of Tulsa, 1982
  • BA, English, Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City, 1976

Teaching Philosophy:

  • University education is more than just imparting information and skills — it is a journey of self-actualization. My goal as a professor is to help guide students to become independent thinkers, able to successfully navigate a rapidly changing socio-economic political global community, and to meaningfully participate in civic engagement. I believe the most valuable skills my students can possess are the ability to connect theory and evidence, to think critically, and to develop and communicate a clear, logical argument. My teaching strategies to accomplish my goals as an instructor are to challenge them academically, stress learning over grades, and treat each of them as an individual.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Dispute Resolution Theory and Practice as a Component of Civic Responsiblity in Liberal Arts Curriculum
  • Women in Traditional Native American Conflict Resolution: Implications for Feminist Legal Theory

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • PLS303 American Jurisprudence
  • PLS304 American Political Theory
  • BUS335 Business Law
  • PLS329 Conflict & Dispute Resolution
  • PRL440 Constitutional Issues
  • PLS445 Constitutional Law
  • PRL430 Contracts
  • PLS213 Critical Thinking About Politics -T
  • PLS300 Intellectual Property Law
  • PLS210 Law, Ethics and Morality -E
  • PLS105 Politics and Government -S
  • PRL450 Torts Law
  • PLS417 Writing and Reseach in Public Plcy
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