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Jane Mudd

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Assistant Professor, Art

(573) 592-4201


  • MFA, Art, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1994
  • BFA, Art, Fontbonne College - St. Louis, 1976

Teaching Philosophy:

  • I believe in giving my students a strong foundation when it comes to art making. In my classes, we generally work with traditional materials and explore traditional approaches -such as working directly from life. I strongly encourage students to take risks within the limited criteria in the assignments. I urge them to embrace mistakes and learn from each other as well as from the masters. Students will explore non-traditional materials and approaches when the basics are practiced and understood. My hope and goal is for the studio art student to graduate with a deep understanding, appreciation and on-going passion for the visual arts.

Major Areas of Interest:

  • Art History
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Public Art

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • ART110 Drawing I -A
  • ART111 Drawing II
  • ART310 Drawing III
  • ART311 Drawing IV
  • ART331 Modern and Contemporary Art
  • ART206 Painting I -A
  • ART207 Painting II
  • ART306 Painting III
  • ART307 Painting IV
  • ART208 Sculpture I
  • ART209 Sculpture II
  • ART308 Sculpture III
  • ART309 Sculpture IV
  • ART470 Senior Practicum
  • ART230 Survey Of Western Art I -A
  • ART231 Survey of Western Art II -A
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