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Graduate College

Name Title Location Phone Email
Bailey, Lee Professor/Dean of Graduate Business Programs Virginia Cutlip 205 573-592-4272
Ebersold, Doug Dean of Education and Director of Doctoral Program Jefferson City Site 573-592-4339
Head, James Instructor/Director of Graduate Ed Field Exp 800-995-3199
Henley, Laura Graduate College Technical Support Coordinator Virginia Cutlip 202 573-592-4450
Pool, Lisa Program Specialist Aldridge 203 573-592-1184
Stocker, Becky Assistant Professor/Program Manager - MHA Aldridge 202 573-592-4520
Sturgis, Paul Associate Professor of Graduate Education 573-592-4463
Trogdon, Leslie Associate Professor of Educational Leadership Columbia Site 573-592-1721
Tutt, Betsy VP of Academic Affairs & Dean of Graduate College Aldridge 202 573-592-4354
Wayne, Martha Academic Advisor Virginia Cutlip 203 573-592-4380