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Summer Jump

Monday Jun 22, 2020

Fast forward your Education - Complete General Education courses at a discounted rate this summer!

Whether you are going to be a Junior or Senior in high school or just recently graduated, why not fast forward your education through our Summer Jump Program?

  • Earn credit in half the time with 8-week online courses
  • Save money at only $100/credit hour
  • You can complete up to 6 hours this summer at a discounted rate
  • Two convenient starts: April 27 and June 22 for only $300 per course! *limited one course per session

June 22 Available Courses

  • CMJ 110: Intro to Criminal Justice
  • EDU 231: Educating the Exceptional Learner
  • HIS 104: US History After 1877
  • MIS 125: Productivity Tools
  • SCI 205: The Scientific Enterprise
  • SWK 215: Social Welfare

Please note that this event is open to upper-level high school students or recent high-school graduates only.

Apply now!

Payments can be made at