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Sports Studies Day

Tuesday Jan 29, 2019 08:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Are you a person who wants the behind-the-scenes information on the latest sporting events?

Excited to see which coach sends in the next 'Philly Special' play to help win the Super Bowl? Waiting for LeBron to rehabilitate his groin injury to see if he can lead the Lakers to the playoffs? Wonder what Yadi Molina & Salvy Perez's training is like to squat behind the plate for 150+ games for KC & St. Louis?

On January 29th, join us to go through a 'Game Day' experience for an athlete at William Woods University as the Exercise Science program faculty & students show you what it takes to excel on & off the field!

We’ll introduce you to the strategies of training, injury prevention & rehabilitation that athletes go through as well as what sport administrators do to put on an event.

For questions, please contact Haley Streed:

Phone: 573.592.1618