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Career Planning Event Week

Monday Nov 12, 2018 - Nov 15, 2018

Career-a-Palooza: The Next Chapter

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The chapter in life after college graduation can be a little scary. To help ease the transition, Career-A-Palooza teaches students about diving into the next chapter.

Events are open for all students except for the Professional Etiquette Dinner for Seniors. Seniors who attend at least five Career-A-Palooza events will be entered to win various gift cards.

Seniors, if you wish to attend the Professional Etiquette Dinner you must RSVP to There are only 40 spots available. Professional Etiquette Dinner for Seniors is sponsored by Northwestern Mutual.

Monday, November 12th

Noon • LEAD

The Next Chapter: Networking for Introverts

Ivy Room

Quick…if you had 30 seconds to introduce yourself, what would you say? When trying to impress a new networking contact or influence a possible interviewer, you need to make the most of your “networking speech”. Join Career Services as we kick off Career-A-Palooza with a bang!

6 p.m. • LEAD

Investing In Your Brand To Bring Opportunity To Your Career (Opening Keynote)

Cutlip Auditorium

Join Keynote speaker, John Hall, Author of “Top of Mind”: and the Co-founder and President of Calendar as he talks about marketing you and how your personal brand can open the door for career opportunities.

Tuesday, November 13th

12:30 p.m. • LEAD

The Next Chapter: Benefits

Library Auditorium

You landed a job. Congrats! HR hands you a huge scary packet of benefits information and says to have it back to them by the end of the week. What does all of this mean? Join, WWU alumna and HR Queen, Kerri Roberts as she prepares you with what to expect in your benefits package and how it translates to benefitting you.

4 p.m. • LEAD

The Next Chapter: Speed Interviewing

Ivy Room

Practice your interviewing skills in 5-minute intervals. WWU faculty and staff have interview questions, you provide the answers, get feedback on the spot, and then do it all over again for another 5 minutes. Join us in this non-threatening atmosphere to practice so you nail your next real interview.

Wednesday, November 14th

Noon • LEAD

The Next Chapter: Company Culture, How to Find Your Best Fit!

Ivy Room

Looking for a laid back, make-your-own hours work atmosphere? Or do you require more structure and want to leave every day at 5pm on the dot? Join Northwestern Mutual professionals as they discuss various company cultures and the importance of finding the best fit for you.

5 p.m. • LEAD

The Next Chapter: Grad School Expectations

Burton 006

Do I dress up to go to class? Will I make new friends? How much will I need to study? Get these questions and more answered by current grad school students and an adjunct graduate instructor from Mizzou.

Thursday, November 15th

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. • LEAD

Internship Meet-up

Ivy Room

Need an internship? Come and visit with organizations that have internship opportunities. This is your chance to make a positive first impression and possibly land an internship. Professional dress is strongly encouraged.

6 p.m.

Professional Etiquette Dinner for Seniors

Sponsored by: Northwestern Mutual

Aldridge Lounge

Many interviews and job offers happen over a meal. Do you know which fork to use or where to put your bread? Join professionals from Northwestern Mutual for dinner and networking to learn professional etiquette tips to get you hired instead of fired. Wine provided. You MUST RSVP to Only 40 spots available.