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LEAD Event - Social Citizenship

Wednesday Sep 26, 2018 04:00 PM

Social Citizenship is a faculty led discussion about being an American woman through the lens of intersectionality, critical race theory, and Muslim American Identities. Dr. Rachel Turney poses three questions about identity to research respondents and codes responses in hopes of promoting social citizenship.

This discussion format will ask attendees to participate in a dialogue about belonging in America and what identify means to women. Dr. Turney will engage women and men who attend to help guide the discussion and facilitate deepening of the project goals.

Dr. Rachel Turney holds a certification in Social Justice, was a National Endowment Humanities Seminar participant in Muslim American Identities in 2017, and previously presented: The Bridge at MIZZOU (2017) and The Social Justice Symposium at MIZZOU (2018)

Library Auditorium

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