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President's Concert and Lecture Series Presents Dr. Lori Hart

Tuesday Mar 20, 2018 06:30 PM

Dr. Lori Hart

Biological sex, sexuality, gender expression and identity are all common terms these days. But have you taken the time to explore the meaning of these topics and where you fit into the puzzle? Where does your brain development fit into this equation? Based on socialization and stereotypes, what are your beliefs about men and women? And, the key question...why does it feel so hard sometimes to find healthy relationships with other people?

In this program Dr. Hart explores biology, research, stereotypes and communication theory in an effort to help both men and women better understand the complexity of gender and development. Healthy relationships are essential throughout your life and college is where you learn who you are and what you need from someone else in a relationship.

This program is full of comedy...yes, we are going to make fun of men and women...with an important message around self-esteem and the power of you!

William Woods University

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