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William Woods COVID-19 Updates

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Updated Safety Guidelines for students are now available.

At William Woods University, we are committed to the health and safety of our entire campus community. With the 2020-2021 semester underway with in-person classes on campus, we are strictly abiding by all procedures and best practices as mandated by the Callaway County Health Department, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All individuals testing positive for the COVID-19 virus are required to self-isolate for a period of 10 days, and may only return to in-person classes (students) or work (employees) with notification of recovery from a physician.

In addition, we are committed to transparency with regard to positive cases on campus. Please check this site for updated information about positive cases on campus, broken down by employees and students, and active and recovered cases. Be advised that due to HIPAA regulations, William Woods must protect the privacy of individuals who test positive and is therefore unable to identify persons by name. Those who may have been in close contact with an infected person can expect to be contacted by the Callaway County Health Department or WWU Health Services and provided with further information regarding next steps in terms of quarantine or testing.

Current COVID-19 cases on campus as of 1/13/2021

  • Students: Total active cases: 0, Recovered: 0
  • Employees: Total Active Cases: 2, Recovered: 0

This information is updated at least once a week.

View historic case information.
Term Total Cases
Fall 2020
(August - December, 2020)
Students: 24, Employees: 25

Latest Announcements and Status Updates

Below are the most recent releases regarding WWU's response to COVID-19. A list of archived announcements is also available.

November, 2020

Mon 11/9/2020 9:59 AM - Message from the President

WWU Community,

As we begin the second-to-last full week of this 2020 Fall Semester, I wanted to take this opportunity to once again express my sincere gratitude to all students, faculty and staff for your diligent efforts in keeping the COVID-19 virus at bay on campus this fall. As you all know, a staggering amount of planning went into holding this fall semester with in-person classes on our campus while in the middle of a global pandemic, but all the planning in the world was not going to be successful if everyone on our campus did not buy into our health and safety plan. As of today, we have only two active cases of COVID among all students and employees, which speaks to our campus' collective efforts to diminish the virus. For our teamwork and commitment, we should all be proud.

Beginning today we have just two and a half weeks, or 12 days, of classes left, until our in-person instruction concludes on campus on Tuesday, November 24. Finals exams will then be held in a virtual format beginning November 30. We are nearing the finish line, and need everyone to remain vigilant down the home stretch. Maintain your physical distance, wear face coverings when you are unable to physical distance, and self-isolate if you are ill. Remember that the vast majority of our positive cases this fall have happened due to off-campus exposure, so if you are a student who plans to go home or travel away from campus on any of the next two weekends, please keep following the standard health and safety guidelines to minimize your risk of exposure.

Just as we spent countless hours preparing for this fall's semester on campus, so too are we deeply engaged in planning for the 2021 Spring Semester. Like this fall, it will come with significant challenges for all of us. But I have never been more confident about succeeding, nor have I ever been more proud to be your president. When we say there is truly something special about William Woods University, the way our entire campus community has responded to the seemingly endless challenges of 2020 should be Exhibit A!

Jahnae H. Barnett