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ITP Studies in ASL-English - 39 Credits 2223 Catalog

**Students are required to have 122 distinct credits for graduation**

*Students must complete the appropriate ASL I-V pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or higher, or demonstrate equivalent experience for instructor wavier of pre-requisite before they can register for designated courses. **Students must earn a final grade of C or higher to continue on in their sequence of major courses.

Required Courses: 36.00 credits

Course Course Title Credit Semester Completed Grade Earned Substitutions
ASL 316 Linguistics Non-Manual Mrkrs in ASL 3.00
* ** ASL 425 Linguistics of American Sign Lang 3.00
* ASL 430 ASL Literature 3.00
ENG 301 Grammar and Syntax 3.00
ITP 211 Theory of Interpretation 3.00
ITP 251 Ethics in Interpreting 3.00
ITP 302 Interpreting Application and Analysis 3.00
** ITP 310 Interpreting in Advanced Settings I 3.00
** ITP 410 Interpreting in Advanced Setting II 3.00
** ITP 450 Senior Capstone 3.00
** ITP 451 Field Practicum I 3.00
** ITP 452 Field Practicum II 3.00

Division Chair:Date:
Substitutions to the coursework above requires the signature of the division chair.