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Military Studies (GOLD) - 18 Credits 2122 Catalog

**Students are required to have 122 distinct credits for graduation**

*Prerequisites for MIL301: LDR201 Concepts in Leadership. (Prerequisites may be waived by the Director of Military Science based on prior military experience. Qualifying military experience is generally defined as completion of basic training and advanced individual training from any military branch of the Department of Defense.) **Must maintain a cumulative grade of 2.5 or higher in the Military Studies course of study.

Required Courses: 12.00 credits

Course Course Title Credit Semester Completed Grade Earned Substitutions
MIL 301 Application of Military Leadership 3.00
MIL 302 Advanced Military Leadership 3.00
MIL 303 Advanced Military Leadership Lab 0.00
MIL 311 Application Military Leadership Lab 0.00
MIL 350 Officer Candidate School (OCS) I 3.00
MIL 360 Officer Candidate School (OCS) II 3.00

Required Electives: 3.00 credits

Course Hours Semester Completed Grade Earned Substitutions
Leadership Elective - 3 Credits 3.00
LDR 201 Concepts in Leadership 3.00
LDR 220 Adaptive Leadership 3.00
LDR 245 Leading Teams 3.00
LDR 330 Global Leadership 3.00
LDR 445 Strategic Leadership 3.00
LDR 450 Ethics in Leadership 3.00
LDR 475 Leadership Theory 3.00
Elective Notes:
Histroy Elective - 3 Credits 3.00
HIS 224 History of War - H 3.00
HIS 353 World War II 3.00
Elective Notes:

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