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History - 18 Credits 1718 Catalog

**Students are required to have 122 distinct credits for graduation**

Bachelor of Arts degree programs require a minor and a year of a foreign language.
Foreign Language:

Required Courses: 12.00 credits

Course Course Title Credit Semester Completed Grade Earned Substitutions
HIS 101 Dawn and Rebirth: A History of the World to 1500 3.00
HIS 102 Industry, Ideology, and War: A History of the World since 1500 3.00
HIS 103 Early America and the United States: Colonization, Revolution, and Civil War 3.00
HIS 104 Modern US History: From Reconstruction to Superpower 3.00

Required Electives: 6.00 credits

Course Hours Semester Completed Grade Earned Substitutions
Required Elective - 6 Credits 6.00
HIS 214 The Horse in History -H 3.00
HIS 215 Native America -H 3.00
HIS 216 From Slavery to Freedom to Civil Rights: The African American Experience 3.00
HIS 300 Independent Study 3.00
HIS 310 Daughters of Liberty, Sufferagists, and Feminists: The Story of Women in America 3.00
HIS 316 Built Environment in American History 3.00
HIS 338 The Atlantic World: Exploration, Colonization, and GLobalization 3.00
HIS 341 Cold War 3.00
HIS 353 World War II 3.00
HIS 366 Interdisciplinary Honors Studies 3.00
HIS 390 HIS Internship I 3.00
HIS 400 Advanced Projects 3.00
HIS 418 HIS Methods of Teaching 3.00
HIS 423 Senior Seminar 3.00
HIS 451 HIS Internship II 3.00
HIS 452 HIS Internship III 6.00
Elective Notes:

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