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Payment and Refund Information

Graduate and Online Undergraduate

Payment Policies

  • Payment of tuition and fees is due on or before each course start date.
  • If a student chooses to use financial aid to cover their bill, all steps must be completed and anticipated aid reflected on their student account prior to the same due dates
  • Current or former students with any past due or prior balance will not be permitted to register for subsequent semesters or obtain a transcript or diploma.
  • Any account balance that has been paid using a personal check will have a wait time of two weeks before an account will be cleared for registration or for a transcript or diploma.
  • A $75.00 late fee per semester will be charged on all outstanding balances.
  • A $25.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.
  • The university reserves the right to increase stated fees at any time. Fee changes become effective with the next payment due.

Billing and Payment Information

  • Courses are billed for a full 16-week term at a time (fall, spring, and summer).
  • William Woods University statement notices are delivered via email to William Woods issued email each month.
  • Statement may list a due date but no penalties will be incurred if student makes arrangements for all current courses to be covered on or before the course start date.
  • Students can use CASHNet (via Owlnet) to log in and make secure payments on their accounts. Using CASHNet, students can also give permission to others (e.g. parents, guardians, spouses) to view statement information and make online payments to accounts. The student is responsible for creating these logins - Student Financial Services staff cannot set up these accounts on a student's behalf.
  • To pay your bill via credit/debit card, please call 573.592.4255 between 9 am and 3:30 pm Monday-Friday.
  • Remit checks or money orders to:

William Woods University
Student Financial Services
One University Avenue
Fulton, MO 65251
*Please write your ID number on the check or money order.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy

  • A student who withdraws from a program or drops a course during the refund period will receive a refund of tuition to their student account according to the Refund Schedule below.
  • Students enrolled in graduate or online undergraduate courses may drop a course by the end of the 5th business day after the course start date without a tuition or fee charge.
  • Course fees are not refundable if the course is dropped after the end of the 5th business day.
  • Tuition may be pro-rated if course is dropped after the 5th business day .
  • All refunds will be calculated from the date the application for withdrawal is officially filed with the Office of the Registrar. Non-attendance of class does not constitute official withdrawal. This refund policy applies to both full and part-time students. Refund of tuition is according to the Refund Schedule below.
  • If a student adds or drops courses or completes an official withdraw from a graduate or online undergraduate program, a recalculation of federal aid may be required.

Refund Schedule

On or before the last day of the 1st business week of the class


On or before the last day of the 2nd business week of the class


On or before the last day of the 3rd business week of the class


After the 3rd business week of class

No refund

*A business week is defined as 8am Monday through 4:30pm Friday.