Undergraduate Regulations

Study Group Logs

While Study Group Logs are no longer required to be turned in at the end of each course, it is required and expected that each study group will maintain weekly learning activities that are outlined in each syllabus. These activities are to take place outside of the regular classroom setting. It is the responsibility of EVERY study group to maintain the highest standard in meeting this requirement, and if the facilitator or person within the Graduate College Office feels this is not being maintained, study groups will be asked to provide evidence of group activities.

In addition, if the need arises within a group to ‘fire’ a non-performing member of the study group, group study logs will be necessary to facilitate this process. Current university policy states that learners may be removed from an accelerated program is their behavior is deemed disruptive to the learning process. Please contact the University (Student Services Coordinator) directly if you require additional information regarding removal of an individual from a study group for non-performance.

Updated 3/27/2012

Online Catalog 12-13