Undergraduate Regulations

Satisfactory Academic Progress

William Woods University requires all students to make satisfactory academic progress, which is determined through two measures: GPA and Course completion rate.

Following are the minimum requirements for both

Accelerated Undergraduate Students:

Students in the undergraduate programs must achieve a grade point average of a 2.0 within a maximum of four months and complete a minimum of 70% of their attempted credits.

Undergraduates will not be eligible for federal financial aid if they do not annually meet these minimums of academic progress. In addition, students must complete their Bachelor’s degree program within 180 attempted hours, and associates degree within 90 hours.

Attempted hours include the following:

  1. Cumulative hours earned
  2. Hours withdrawn from (received a “W” on transcript)
  3. Repeated courses
  4. Failed courses not repeated
  5. All hours attempted at other institutions


Online Catalog 12-13