Policies and Procedures

Graduate Admission

To be considered for admission to Regular or Provisional Standing, a prospective student must submit a completed application for admission to Graduate College. A complete application for admission consists of the following:

  1. A completed William Woods University Graduate Admission Application Form.
  2. An official copy of the undergraduate transcript from the institution that awarded the baccalaureate degree, or an official copy of the graduate transcript from the institution that awarded the master’s degree (Ed.S. and Ed.D. programs only.)
  3. An official copy of the graduate transcript issued by any institution that awarded the student graduate credit.
  4. Such additional materials (e.g., summaries of professional experience, documentation of certification, letters of recommendation, et al.,) as may be required by the specific graduate program in which the prospective student proposes to study.

    Since application materials come from several sources, the entire application cannot be submitted at once. Thus, prospective students are encouraged to coordinate the submission of materials so that #1 above (a completed William Woods University Graduate Admission Application Form [GAAF]) arrives at the University or the Graduate College first.

    The Graduate College will acknowledge receipt of the GAAF by mail and provide the applicant with a checklist of those materials required by the graduate program to which admission is being sought.

    Students are notified when the application file has been reviewed. The application is then forwarded to the appropriate graduate program for action.

    Levels of Admission

    1. Regular Admission: The applicant meets all requirements for admission
    2. Provisional Admission: Students admitted provisionally need to do one or both of the following, as directed in their letter of admission:
    3. a) Complete program prerequisites by the date provided in the letter of admission.

      b) Complete nine hours in their cohort with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Prerequisite courses and courses needed for educational certification would not apply toward this requirement. This requirement may be assigned to students who do not meet all program admission requirements.

    Revised 06/27/2012

Online Catalog 12-13